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    Chamomile tea is an herbal tea that is made from chamomile flowers. It has mild calming effects and it is regarded today as a medicinal tea because it has been shown by medical research that it can help treat and relieve various health conditions.

    Chamomile, which is also spelled as camomile, is an herb that belongs to the composite flower family. It has many varieties but the most common is Matricaria recutita or German chamomile which is the variety of chamomile commonly used in teas. It is an herb that is known for its healing properties in medicine and its distinctive apple-like flavor and aroma in teas. Chamomile contains volatile oil that can be used as an anti-microbial or anti-inflammatory treatment. It is often drank in combination with other herbs such as lavender and mint.

    Chamomile plant

    Chamomile plant by matsuyuki:CC

    Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

    There are many Chamomile tea benefits; it has antispasmodic properties.

    It can help relieve intestinal problems such as stomach cramps, stomach aches, and flatulence.

    It also has anti-fungal and anti-irritant properties so it can help heal wounds faster and it can also treat and soothe sunburns, scrapes, and rashes.

    It can even help treat skin conditions like eczema.

    The plant extracts also have anti-inflammatory properties so it can help reduce inflammations such as gum inflammations when infants are still teething.

    Herbal Chamomile tea is also widely used as a muscle relaxant. It can help relieve menstrual cramps for women, muscle contractions, and back pains.

    Another health benefit of drinking tea made from this plant is that it boosts the immune system. It can help fight colds and other related infections. It could also help relieve fever and sore throat.

    Chamomile tea can also treat migraines and headaches. It soothes the nerves and it is also used to fight insomnia by drinking a cup of it before bedtime. It can reduce stress and it can help give a relaxing effect.

    Chamomile tea is also known to be used in baths because it helps lighten the skin tone and remove eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. It also gives a relaxing effect while bathing with it. It can also be used into a compress to relieve strained and irritated eyes.

    Research had also shown that drinking chamomile tea can help prevent complications that result from diabetes.

    The aroma of chamomile tea is inhaled to help relieve anxiety.

    Preparation of Chamomile Tea: How to Make Chamomile Tea

    Chamomile tea is prepared by adding at least one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers or one tablespoon of fresh chamomile flowers to one cup of hot or boiling water. It is covered while it is being steeped for around fifteen minutes before it is strained. It can be topped up with cold water to serve it cold. Honey or lemon juice can be added to enhance the taste of the chamomile tea.

    Chamomile Tea Cup
    Photograph of a cup of Camomile Tea by SanFranAnnie.

    Negative Health Issues Associated with Chamomile Tea

    Patients with ragweed and pollen allergies should avoid drinking chamomile tea because it may worsen the allergy. It should not also be taken simultaneously with blood thinners to avoid drug interactions because it can cause bleeding.

    Chamomile tea should not be taken too much by pregnant women because it can be a stimulant that may cause abortion. Asthmatic people should also cautiously drink chamomile.

    Chamomile tea also has the tendency to goad drowsiness so it should be drunk moderately when driving.