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  • The Link Between Coffee Consumption and Endometrial Cancer

    Coffee is drank throughout the world and its consumption in Japan seems to be on the increase every year. Coffee was first introduced into Japan about 200 years ago. It is known to contain many antioxidants such as chlorogenic acids and has other nutritional benefits such as the presence of dietary fiber.

    Additionally, coffee has many stimulatory properties mainly linked to the presence of caffeine. The presence of caffeine is thought to have many other health impacts. Caffeine has been shown to suppress breast tumors in animals; and there is a positive relationship between it and sex-hormone binding globulin and estrogen levels in post menopausal women, and negatively related to levels of free estradiol in perimenopausal women.

    Coffee Consumption and Suppression of Cancers

    As hormones such as estrogen have a known impact upon cancer it is expected that levels of coffee consumption may have an impact upon the levels of hormone dependent cancers. It has been widely reported that there is a lowering of the risk of breast cancer in women who drink a lot of coffee (though other reports have not shown a correlation between the two). There has also been reports that say there is a lowering of the risks of endometrial cancer in women who consume large amounts of coffee. A further study has suggested that drinking four or more cups of coffee daily can dramatically decrease the odds of developing invasive epithelial ovarian cancer.

    Endocrine Targeted Cancers

    Japan has historically had low levels of endocrine targeted cancers , but in recent years there has been a marked increase in the numbers of cases. Hirose and colleagues at the Nagoya university in Japan therefore decided to take a look at the evidence from cohort studies that have investigated the relationship between coffee drinking and the risk of developing, breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers.

    The link between coffee consumption and endometrial cancer (part two)

    Hirose et al, 2007. Coffee consumption and the risk of endometrial cancer: Evidence from a case-control study of female hormone-related cancers in japan. cancer Sci. 98: 411 to 415