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    This section is dedicated to the subject of tea and health. Tea has many known health benefits, and contains antioxidants such as catechins and theaflavins which have been shown to have many positive aspects such as the prevention of cancers, lowering of blood pressure and weight loss.

    Differences in Antioxidants in Green and Black Teas

    The antioxidants that green and black teas contain are different, this is a result of the way that the teas are manufactured. Both types have health benefits. Green teas are produced by halting the enzymatic processes that involve flavonoid oxidation within the tea leaf. Black teas in contrast undergo a round of fermentation in their process, and this promotes the enzymatic oxidation of tea flavonoids.

    Recently there has been a lot of people converting to green tea because of its health benefits, and whilst it is good that people take an interest in their health and are drinking green tea, however, the benefits of black tea should not be completely overlooked. Like green tea, black tea has many beneficial compounds and many people prefer its taste.

    Due to the differences in antioxidants between black and green tea, you may like to drink both types on a daily basis to get the health benefits associated with both types of tea.

    It is hoped that the information available in this green tea and health section and other areas of the time for coffee and tea site will further your understanding of the health benefits of tea and how drinking tea can help you to have a healthy lifestyle.