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    Every one knows about black tea (fermented); Green tea (non-fermented), and Oolong tea, but did you know that you can also take pickled tea? This form of tea is particularly popular in the SE Asian countries of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).

    Making Pickled Tea

    Pickled tea tends to be produced in the mountain areas of the Shah hills in the rainy season; in the dry season green tea is produced.

    The tea leaves are treated very much like if producing silage. The tea leaves are collected when wet and packed into mortar lined pits. The tea is then compressed by use of a heavy weight. The weight is removed from the tea, and more wet tea leaves are added. This process is repeated until the pit can take no more leaves.

    The tea in the pit is then left beneath the cover weight and allowed to silage. After maturing for three or four months the pickled tea is ready for harvesting, and is placed in baskets, where it is kept moist, and sold at markets.

    Pickled Tea Consumption

    The pickled form of tea is very popular in Thailand where it is consumed by chewing in a similar way to how tobacco is consumed. The pickled tea is often mixed with spices to add flavour to it.