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  • The Growth of Tea Throughout the World

    Tea is grown and manufactured in a variety of regions that are contrasted in their topographical and climatic situations. In size of unit and refinement of technique and its production traverses the whole range from peasant farm holder to the big multinational companies.

    World Tea Growth is Slowly Improving

    Tea is not grown as well as it could be, this is because it takes time in the agricultural world for changes in method to prove their value and to become established. Progress is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, though the rate of change has accelerated and innovations continue.

    Some areas where marked improvements in tea growth have occurred in recent years include the general manufacture of tea and the employment of irrigation to overcome shade associated problems. The techniques for securing plant improvement through clonal propagation and plant breeding of tea are now widely available. Additionally, weed problems are no longer as labour intensive as in older times due to the development of improved herbicides.

    Processing Methods of Tea

    It is the way that tea is processed that account for the difference in green, Oolong and black teas. Black teas undergo a fermentation process in their manufacture, leading to oxidisation of antioxidants and their black colour.

    The tea section is split into 14 main sections; these include:

    Development of tea culture, Climate and soils, Botanical characteristics, planting material, preparation of land and planting, pruning and plucking, cultivation and weeds.