The Wonderful World of Coffee and Tea

Have you ever wondered how your cup of coffee gets from the farm to your house? Or what the health benefits of drinking coffee and tea are? Well hopefully after reading a few of the pages of the 'time for coffee and tea' site you'll have a fuller insight into both the production, science and health benefits of these beverages.

Information on the Coffee and Tea Site

The site is split into two main sections: a general information section that gives facts about coffee and tea, and a more scientific section that provides information on the science, farming, production and economics of coffee and tea.
Coffee tree fruit - cherry

Benefits of Coffee and Tea

The general section contains facts on the effects that drinking gourmet coffee, green tea and black tea has upon your health.

Everyday there is more and more data supporting green tea as a great way to wade off ill health; research has shown that drinking tea has benefits ranging from weight reduction through to anti-carcinogenic actions. As for the health benefits of coffee, well, maybe its caffeine content may mean that drinking it through the night to keep you awake at work may not be the best idea in the world, but it still contains valuable metabolites that may be of great benefit in helping fight off diseases such as type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Science and Economics of Coffee and tea

Coffee leaf The science and economics section of the 'time for tea & coffee' web site will be of interest to those wanting a better understanding of the topic. It discusses how people depend on coffee and tea plants for a living. From people picking tea leaves, and gourmet coffee beans in Malaysia and Columbia, via cargo carriers, to big companies such as Unilever and Starbucks; there are many people who benefit from coffee and tea.

You will also learn of the role that, coffee farmers, plant breeders and biologists play in the improvement of tea and coffee. For Example coffee production in the forest ecosystem can greatly be improved by scientific understanding leading to greater plant yields for farmers, allowing companies to keep costs down, leading to better profits and lower costs to the customer.

After reading some of the coffee fact articles it is hoped that you will have a fuller understanding of the benefits, biology and practicalities of both coffee and tea production and be able to enjoy your coffee break (or cup of tea) more than ever. In addition to normal tea, the site also takes a look into the health benefits of herbal teas such as peppermint tea.

Featured Coffee and Tea Articles

Coffee Cherry showing beansThe latest featured addition to the time for coffee and tea web site takes a look at coffee and cholesterol. It is known that coffee is able to reduce the capacity of LDL cholesterol to oxidize. It is thought that this property may help to reduce the risk of getting coronary heart disease.